Child Safety at Fleadh

Guidelines on Child Safety, Photography and Recording at the Offaly County Fleadh Cheoil.



Child Safety at Fleadh

1.       Ensure adequate supervision of children (under 18 years of age) engaged in any Fleadh Activities.

2.       Ensure that two or more adults be present in practice rooms at Co. Fleadh.

3.       Please ensure that no adult is alone with a child in a practice room and that either another adult or other children are present.

4.       Ensure that venues for competitions are adequately stewarded and are safe from potential hazards.


Photography at Fleadh


1.       Child protection issues and sensitivity towards identity theft have presented challenges to all involved with recording images of people for promotional purposes. In the same way that video recording requires authorisation and permission at competitions from both the Fleadh Secretary and the parents of the children involved, it is also important to follow proper procedures in photographing young persons.

2.       The subjects of any photographs must be informed in advance that their picture is being taken and permission must be given by the Fleadh Secretary and the parents of the child through the signing of an official form, available from the Fleadh Office.


Recording at Fleadh

1.       A Permit, obtainable from Fleadh Office and signed by the Co. Secretary, must be obtained by any parent who wishes to audio or video record their child at a competition.

2.       This permit must be presented to call clerk at the venue and the parent may only record at a DESIGNATED recording area in the competition room.

3.       Recording devices should be visible to the call clerk at all times


5.        Any person found recording another child or without a permit, will be ejected from the venue and have their recording erased by a Fleadh official.

6.       In the case of duets and trios, one parent’s signature is sufficient to sign recording permit. This parent may only record the duet or trio that his/her child is in.

7.       In the case of Céilí Bands and Grúpaí Cheoil, the group leader/mentor/teacher has to sign the recording permit. This permit only allows the particular band/group under the guidance of that leader to be recorded.